Secret Service visits blogger

A Live Journal Blogger has recently learnt the hard way that joking about the life of the President of the United States is no laughing matter.

According to a post at the moon & antarctica, the blogs owner anniesj received a knock on the door at 9:45pm 26 October from the Secret Service to discuss her novel take on the President.

She is now battling between attacking what happened and backtracking, depending on which of her posts you chose to read.

Delta Lays Off Blogger for Content

(tip via Kathy Shaidle) BBC/ Marketing Vox News> Yet another worker has been disciplined for blogging. Delta Airlines stewardess Ellen Simonetti found herself laid off after her Queen of the Sky blog showed a picture of her in uniform. The blog, a moderately fictionalized account of life in the air, never named Delta as her employer, but one photo did show a pin that indicated she worked for the U.S. airline. Suspended without pay for publishing “inappropriate” images September 25, she has since filed suit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claiming unfair dismissal. She notes that several male employees have blogs and pictures of themselves, but have not faced penalties.

Critics of mainstream journalists blog away

A NYTimes story popping up from behind the registration elsewhere…
C|Net> Practicing cheap and dirty politics, playing fast and loose with the facts and even lying: Accusations like these, and worse, have been slung nonstop this year. The accused, in this case, are not the candidates but the mainstream news media. And the accusers comprise an ever-growing army of Internet writers, many of them partisans, that reaches hundreds of thousands of people a day. read more>

Ad agencies are entering blog universe, too

The starting statement is high condescending; however the rest of the article is worthwhile.
IHT> Web logs have had an astonishing season this year, enough to freckle the faces of bloggers who do not, as a rule, get much time outdoors. Although political blogs have received the most attention, advertising agencies and communications professionals are using blogs to create discussion about ideas within their industries. read more>

The Blog Age

Interesting story the man many credited with the b2/ WordPress renaisance Matt Mullenweg
Houston Press> Matt Mullenweg may be underage, but he knows how to get into a bar. Just slip in while it’s still light outside and order some food. That way, by the time the bouncer sets up at the door, he’s already safely at a table, joking with the waitress. Which is exactly what he does this Saturday night at the Flying Saucer on Main Street, where a group of Houston bloggers is meeting for drinks. He sits peering into his tiny silver laptop, using wi-fi and sipping a soda. read more>

Can blogs drive better business?

An interview with a difference over at the Always On network, the spiel follows and its worth a read if your interested in blogging as a tool for improving business outcomes
AO> “In a media twist, Sun Microsystems interviews AO’s own Tony Perkins about why business executives and marketers need to be all over the blogosphere before it is all over them.” read full interview>

Blogs :: Client Communications as Ranking Tools

A perhaps more cynical view of blogs as tools to boost Google rankings but a relevant one none the less> “…This phenomena has had a fairly significant effect on Google. Many marketers have found how easily manipulated Google can be if you can harness the power of Blogs…” read full article>

Iran’s hard-liners turn a censorious eye on Web journalists

Looks like Iran is cracking down on bloggers again> The recent arrest of several bloggers, online journalists, and Internet technicians in Iran has raised fears that the country’s old guard is determined to muzzle dissent in cyberspace.
The Internet has become a refuge for liberal journalists since the hard-line judiciary closed scores of reformist publications over the past four years. The Web log, or blog, format – a cross between a diary and public commentary – has allowed dissident writers to reach a mass audience with less of the expense and oversight of print media. read more>

Judith Meskill joins Weblogs Inc.

Clickz News is reporting that Blog publishing network Weblogs Inc. has hired an editorial director and a vice president of sales and marketing.

The new editorial director, Judith Meskill, has previously worked as a consultant on technology and communications strategies. She also runs two blogs on online collaboration and social media, Judith Meskill’s knowledge notes and the Social Software Weblog.
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