Blogger goes to new depths to raise revenue

Just when you thought you’d seen every single angle to raise money by blogging, Jeremy Wright of Ensight has posted his services for 3 months of blogging at 5-10 posts per week on ebay.

We’d naturally be sceptical of such an endeavour but Jeremy is a top blogger with a strong background in writing, although the current bidding price at the time of writing of $112.73 USD greatly undervalues his services. Jeremy admits that it is sort of a stunt with this line on his blog: “To be honest, I’m doing this to raise the profile of blogging, plain and simple.”
This is probably as honest and reasonable reason as any. We say good luck to him.

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  1. New low, or new high?
    So this guy Jeremy C. Wright is looking to “raise the profile of blogging” … now normally you would think advertising campaign, perhaps a convention, maybe even a nice afterschool special, but not Jeremy. Jeremy is auctioning his “blogging service…