Reuters to host Blog debate

In New York and looking for something blog related to attend, then why now check out Reuters “Blogs and the Media Debate”. Reuters has convened a panel of experts to discuss the impact of blogs in journalism and the media, followed by a discussion and drinks reception.

WHEN: 6.00 pm – 8.30 pm, Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
WHERE: The Reuters Building, (42ND Street and 7th Avenue), 3 Times Square, 30th Floor, New York NY 10036

Panel convenes at 6.15pm, followed by open audience discussion and a cocktail reception.

The issues being discussed include; Are bloggers journalists? Should they be afforded the same rights as journalists?, With blogs central to the recent resignations of top journalists, is anyone holding bloggers to account?, Do blogs have a vital role in the national debate?, Are blogs seeking the truth and exposing poor journalism or are they being used as campaigning tools to advance particular causes or points of view?

The panel includes Paul Holmes, Global Editor, General & Political News, Reuters, Stephen Baker Senior Writer, IT Group, BusinessWeek, Jay Rosen, Author,, & Associate Professor Halley Suitt, Bryan Keefer Assistant Managing Editor, Columbia Journalism Review Daily, Garrett Graff, 1st White House Accredited Blogger, everyones favourite blogger Dave Winer, Editor, Scripting News and John Fund, Columnist,

RSVP to Sophie Brendel Tel (1) 646 223 4331 or [email protected]

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  1. “Blogs and the Media” debate, hosted by Reuters
    The Blog Herald announces that Reuters is hosting a debate on “Blogs and the Media”. It will take place on April 5th, in the Reuters building in New York. More details on the Blog Herald.

  2. […] jessischimmel (jessischimmel) wrote,@ 2005-03-31 20:33:00      Ironic… next week, Reuters will be hosting a debate called “Blogs and the Media Debate.” The main points of conversation are to include: Are bloggers journalists? Should they be afforded the same rights as journalists? And do blogs have a vital role in the national debate? I think the answers are no, no and yes. Perhaps it’s naive, but I still think that being a journalist means being a little more than a guy walking in off the street who can put together coherent words into sentences. I am not saying that all bloggers are this type of man, but the ease of registering for this LiveJournal and the total lack of supervision tells me that there is something inherently different about journalists and bloggers. HOWEVER, I think that bloggers do hold a position in the national debates. I always think back to the last presidential election. I would wager there were as many bloggers speaking on MSNBC as there were political pundits.However, I can’t quite get my hands around the blogger situation and how much it has changed journalism no matter what I think of it. Any ideas to share?(Post a new comment) kathleenmca 2005-04-01 04:24 pm UTC (link) I definitely think there is something wrong here. Bloggers can be anyone, from anywhere, with little or no journalistic skill. Like Jesse said, there is little supervision on the blogosphere and therefore little regulation. I definitely would like to hear this debate concerning rights of bloggers. Why should they have the same rights as journalists in some aspects when they don’t abide by the same code of conduct that journalists do in the first place? Definitely an interesting post since out entire class just entered the world of blogging!(Reply to this) blogger debate brightinfame 2005-04-02 09:57 pm UTC (link) Jessi, Can you tell us exactly when this debate is to take place? Is it accessible online or through other media? Might be fun and educative to listen in. […]