New service lets bloggers charge for Podcasts

Digital commerce platfrom provider BitPass, Inc., has announced BitPass Unplugged, a new service that gives bloggers and others the ability for to charge for podcasts.

BitPass Unplugged will allow podcasters to increase revenue with a-la-carte and subscription-driven premium podcasts. It also leverages the loyalty of a growing number of listeners who prefer to download music, audio blogs, radio shows and other content and have it transferred automatically to portable media devices for listening at the user’s convenience.

“As podcasters face limited advertising revenue opportunities and significant hosting expenses, BitPass Unplugged makes it possible to charge for podcasts for the first time,” said Kurt Huang, Vice President of Products, BitPass. “With our solution, successful podcasters can look forward to new revenue sources without becoming submerged by the costs of catering to their audiences.”

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  2. BitPass Unplugged Lets Bloggers Charge for Podcasts

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