NineMSN Schappelle Corby blog, other sites crash during verdict

The fake Schappelle Corby blog run by NineMSN we reported about Wednesday has crashed under the server load as the verdict was handed down in Bali some 10 minutes ago.

The site, which was extremely slow to load during the handing down of the 2 hour verdict hearing, became uncontactable in the last 5 minutes as the moment of truth arrived.

The traffic was also represented across other Australian sites, including the Sydney Morning Herald, and others which all ground to a halt as a seemingly amazing number of Australians logged onto the internet to see the results of the verdict.

Perhaps demonstrating how useless their service has become, Google News Australia, some 10 minutes after the verdict, has still not reported the outcome of the case.

(editors note: in the end I turned on a TV).

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  1. says

    Google News is a news search engine, you realize. It’ll display news as it finds it. If servers are getting hammered as you say they were, what is Google News going to search?

  2. Simmy says

    Who knows if she is really guilty or not guilty, but 20 years is a long time and I feel for her, it is wrong, but nothing we say or do will change that unfortunatly. Atleast she didnt get the firing squad!!!

  3. Liz says

    I don’t think that everyone should be so quick to assume that she is guilty. The media has played a major part in the determination of her involvement, and I don’t think that people are right to immediately trust whatever the media has to say. This is a contrast to the Lindy Chamberlain case in the 80’s. People immediately sided with the media, and assumed that she was guilty, despite convincing evidence. I think that the people of Australia WANT to believe that she is innocent, not necessarily because she is but because this is the way the media has swayed their opinions.
    20 years in a Bali jail surely is a long time, and if Schappelle really is innocent then she deserves the sympathy the Australian public has bestowed upon her. However, I would not be so quick to assume her innocence, which could suggests that she knew the risks of smuggling drugs into Bali, and therefore would deserve everything that she got.

  4. site admin says

    Im not sure how this became a Schappelle Corby thread but it has, personally I’m not fully convinced she is innocent, but what I do know that she’s only got the media run she has because she is attractive and has large breasts. Lets face it, if she looked like Renae Lawrence from the Bali 9, do you really think the media would have given her this amount of attention. NEVER, EVER believe everything you hear or see in the media.

  5. Anni says

    Just a question? Doesn’t anyone think it rather strange that such a huge bag of cannabis would be at an Australian airport, just waiting for something like a boogie board bag – to transport it to whereever supposed baggage handlers would be sending it?

    It just seems to me that using other people’s luggage to transport drugs, would mean they would have the drugs packaged and waiting, and it would be rather risky to have a bag of cannabis of that size hanging around waiting in case a boogie board or similar sized bag turned up?

    Wouldn’t it be smarter to package it in smaller sizes and therefore be able to put it into normal sized bags which are more readily available? I think if this is a regual way of moving drugs between Sydney and any other state, then the drugs, whatever they were would be packaged and ready to go in packages more suited to normal luggage.

    I find the size and amount of cannabis found in Schappelle’s bag a bit hard to believe that someone could have had that amount there, just waiting and hoping? And has anyone else wondered why she would take a boogie board to Bali? Awkward sort of luggage to hump around when they can be purchased or obtained for a song over there?

    Gotta wonder, that’s all.

  6. site admin says

    you raise some good points. People keep saying that she is innocent because why would someone be stupid enough to try to import drugs to Bali: I say anybody who smuggles drugs is stupid to start with.

  7. Nicola says

    MR mystery, what a load of twaddle you just said. they are hard on drug traffickers because they have done so much damage to their country. teenagers over there only 30 years ago didnt even know what drugs were, let alone how to obtain them. then tourism came and with it tourists and drugs. now they have around 3-5% of their population totally dependant. with no money they have to bully, mug and burgle houses to get together the cash. and just to you know, indonesia has over 200 million people living there so 3% is still a lot. as for schappelle, yes i do think shes innocent. no one could fake the fear and horror she faced on the 27 of may. my advice to you would be to read 20 books, watch less TV and cut down on the amount of weed you obviously smoke.

  8. honest truth teller says

    she is GUILTY AS HELL. what kind of person carries through a bag full of drugs admits it is hers then tries to degrade every single baggage handler in australia. i think she should look more closley at her brother or her japanese husband i hope she rotts in jail…….

  9. honest truth teller says

    i think she has revelled in all this media attention notice how well groomed her thick hair was, notice how her eyelashes were doused in dior mascara, notice how she still managed to outline her lips with liner. if i were in her position my apperance would be the last thing on my mind. she deserves it. schappelle see you in 20 years when you’ll be an old haggered witch….no amount of mascara or lip liner will get you support!!!!!!!

  10. Janik says

    “honest truth teller”? Despicable misogynist more like. What her apperance will be like in twenty years time is utterly irrelevant. “old haggered witch” indeed. Also the suggestion that “she deserves it”, not due to being a drug smuggler or anything, but for the awful crime of wearing make-up! The Taleban always welcome new recruits, mate, I suggest you are exactly their type…

  11. smart person says

    It doesnt take someone smart to really think about this! Do not be fooled by a pretty face! No-one will ever know wheather she is guilty or not guilty? Its just a way of life, there some questions go that cannot be answered! But as if you wuldnt notice an extra 4.1kg of extra in a boogie board bag! i Mean come on!

  12. che says

    Schappelle Corby is guilty of the crime of importing drugs. Take the time to read the evidence and look at the actual pictures if you don’t believe me; this info is available to you omn the internet if you do your research. The boogie board bag doubled in weight and tripled in thickness with th e 4.1 kg’s of dope. If you were carrying that you’d notice the difference. And 3 customs officials testified that she didn’t want to open the bag, in fact she tried to stop the customs official from opening it. She even admitted it was hers at that point (she later retracted when she realized exactly how much trouble she was in). They had a solid case against her at that point, that’s why they didn’t take fingerprints. Poor Schappelle, she didn’t do her research either. She probabaly thought if she got caught she’d do a few years max then go home and write a book. She didn’t realize she’d be potentially facing the death penalty. Anyway, I totally disagree with her getting 20 years – that type of sentence should be reserved for heroin dealers.

  13. Annonymous! says



















  14. haley says

    i think she is inocent and is bieng dragged in as a criminal over one stupid act of an obvious drug smuggler

  15. Duke says

    She is guilty as charged, of course if she wasn’t attractive and white, nobody would care about her.

  16. Delilah says

    It’s so refreshing to hear that other people think she is guilty too. I completely agree. I guess at the end of the day, only she knows the truth, but the evidence against her seems to be overwhelming. Also, if she is innocent, how come her defence team cannot find anyone to come forward to support her? The Qantas staff who checked her luggage won’t go to testify for her.

  17. Loz says

    how can anyone possibly know whether she is guilty or not? I think only schappelle knows the truth however if she is innocent then i really feel for her as the balinese are particularly harsh in terms of drug punishment etc….

  18. Stace says

    people get a grip… No one will every know the truth.its like flipping a coin. over here in australia… ur innosent untill found guilty and over there ur guilty till found innocent. i personally think she is innocent. no one can fake the way she was on the the day of the verdit. she couldnt eat and why the heck would u do something like that when u KNOW u will die if found with drugs in bali and u have nothing back home to complain about… leave the poor girl alone. they should just let her off and 4get about it all because this media is going too far now.

  19. Anonymous says

    hi people,i just want to know when schappelle is going to get a retrial?how much more time will she have to spend in jail before the retrial?

  20. bookwit says

    the silence is now deafening…….
    shapple being photo’d with major hydro dealer
    oh dear
    what’s that you say Shapple?
    the silence of the new Bali 10 is deafening