You’re invited: 100 blogs in 100 days

Is your blog sitting unloved and unvisited? are you writing the next big thing yet you don’t know how to get some high profile attention? or do you just want a link from a blog in the Feedster 500? Introducing The Blog Herald 100 blogs in 100 days.

While others bleat on about diversity in the blogosphere, I’m going to show over the next 100 days some of the wonderful cross-section of blogs out there that others may not have yet discovered (including myself). It’s also your chance to get a post here at the Blog Herald just about your blog, and its all very simple.

Email me at [email protected] with subject line of “100 blogs in 100 days” with your blogs details (name, url etc..). You also need to include up to, but no more than 100 words about your blog, what it does, what it’s about, or why the readers of the Blog Herald should visit it that will be published as part of the post. In return though I’ll be inviting Blog Herald readers to provide some feedback in the comments here on what they think about your blog.

Conditions: well there isn’t a lot. You don’t have to provide a link to the Blog Herald, but if you do I’m going to look at your application more favourably. Blogs that are already linked in my blog roll here at the Blog Herald (or in the sidebar generally) are excluded from entering. No porn or spam blogs will be considered. By all means email me from day one, but as this is going for 100 days you can email me next week, or next month if you like as well. I’ll be stock pilling the entries and running them as time goes on, so if you’re not featured in the first week dont be discouraged because 100 days is a lot of time, and there is 100 slots available.

So tell your friends, tell your family, tell your dog. I’m going to spread some link love in the next 100 days, and it all starts here Monday August 22.

Update: my many thanks for the many wonderful entries and suggestions. As you see from this post that I’ve been offline for a day and a bit, and I’ve come back to a full inbox. I will get to everyone eventually. Please keeping sending in the entries. What I plan to do at this stage is email everyone selected for the week ahead on Sunday US EST (Monday my time) every week. Catch is that you wont know what day it will be. Please don’t panic if you don’t get an email this week or next week. Every email will be considered. As the name says, this is 100 blogs in 100 days, so every blog will get a look in. Naturally I can’t promise that every blog will get a run, but 100 days is a long time.


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    Elliott, Elliott….cynicism gets you no where :-) Seriously though its a bloody lot harder to get attention today then it was 2 1/2 years ago when I started this caper so if I can make the day of 100 people who might otherwise not get a run its a good thing, and its about giving something back. Plus on a side note I actually still like discovering new and interesting blogs as well, always have, that’s why my chosen niche topic for my first major blog was …..blogs.

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    Great idea.

    Do you accept french blog ?

    We are a blog with 5 to 6 writer and a focus on New technologies, e-tourim, media on South of France and mediterranean area.

    Thanks to your answer



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    Not sure if I’ll reach many people, but I’ll pass the word anyway. Looks so interesting–and, yes, it’s always a good thing to be able to discover new blogs :)

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    I think you will be getting way more than 100 entries, I suspect the quality of the blogs will genarally be higher than those you would find asking for feedback on forums.

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    Very interesting idea. I allready submited my blog via email.

    Looks like it will be another great n00 list of blogs.

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    “but if you do I’m going to look at your application more favourably” – this is totally idiotic sentence. Either you do it unconditionally or you are totally not to be trusted.

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    I like this.

    I like it so much I’m going to steal it :-)

    No, seriously, I’ll give a link back giving credit for the idea, and I think I want to change it a little bit (not limited to 100 days and more limited to blogs related to things I talk about at my blog), but this is definitely something I want to do too. Of course I’m only a PR6, so my outward links aren’t as valuable as a link from here, but it all helps.

    And it could help me too: quality outbound links are important for all of us. Great idea, thanks (and of course I sent the applicatuon email too).

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    posted about it. I’d like to suggest that we use the technorati tag “100blogs” on this meme, especially if we do reviews ourselves of the 100 blogs.

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    I am very curious as to how many submissions for the “100 Blogs in 100 Days”. I can only imagine you will be overwhelmed with emails (I already sent you one).

    Best of luck. Seems like a good way for us all to get to sample a lot of “blog-cuisine” without having to spend our whole days surfing.

    When does it start?

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    Like all great ideas the concept is simple to understand, easy for the masses to execute, and elegant in the service it provides. I agree with Thom Singer, I can’t help but think your email is going to be overwhelming.

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    A very generous and clever idea. This will generate huge traffic to your site through the many posts and links other bloggers will be putting on their blogs. I myself, in my own sycophantic way, have already included two links to Blog Herald and this article specifically.

    I have also sent my own email. I don’t envy you the task of poring through all the emails and blogs but out of an overdeveloped sense of self-indulgence and optimism, I sent you my URL anyway.
    Best of Luck!

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    This should be a monthly event. There could even be regionals, along with topic-oriented.

    (note from Duncan: happy to take comments but putting a silly blind plug into the text like what was here before I deleted it doesn’t wash, telecom rep: your lucky that I didn’t delete the whole comment because it looked and smelled like comment spam).