NY PR Blogger fired: discovers its bad PR to rat on your employers!

Straight from the “I cant believe how stupid some people can be” department, a New York publicist Kelly Kreth has been fired from her job after ratting on her bosses on her blog.

To make matters even more interesting, although not actually naming her company or using the name of the boss she was sharing loving thoughts about, her assistant was the person who tipped the company off. Reports aren’t clear as to whether the assistant found the blog by accident or was told about it by Kreth, but certainly if Kreth had been speaking about the blog, it certainly voids the whole idea of an anonymous blog, doesn’t it!

Moral of the story: don’t blog about your work, and if you do, make sure no one can find it and you never mention it to a sole, or for that matter post whilst your at work!

(via Steve Rubel/ Jossip)

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