100 blogs in 100 days, day 52: Popoever

Day 52 of 100 blogs in 100 days comes to us from Andre L. Pan with a blog from China written in Mandarin

Blog: Popoever
About: Well, this is a very personal blog I think, cause not only the techniques I aware, such as Web Standards, are blogged, but also my life style, my new born babay daughter, I almost take pictures for her every single day, now it’s getting quite popular in my country at about 3000+ unique IP visit and doubled PV daily, so promotion is not my objective to send you this mail, like my friend Icebin said, just share something from China and enjoy the world, sorry, forgot to count, oops:)

So drop on by to Popoever and let Andre know what you think.

High school girls suspended for malicious blog comments

Two Oregon City High School girls has been suspended after posting malicious online comments about their classmates on myspace blogs.

According to KGW.com, more than 30 female students were targeted. The girls posted comments referencing the movie Saw, along the lines of “if you saw the movie ‘€˜Saw,’€™ you know what’€™s coming next”, as well as leaving other derogatory remarks about appearances, habits and personalities.

In an attempt to hide their identies, the girls included their own names on the list of people receiving abusive comments.

The girls were identified by their IP addresses.

Forbes does cover story hatchet job on blogging

forbesJust when we thought the mainstream media had finally gotten over its blog bashing and had joined the blogging party, Forbes has bucked the trend and lauched an unprecedented attack against the blogosphere with a cover story titled “Attack of the Blogs.”

In it, writer Daniel Lyons sinks to the bottom of the journalistic gene pool with gross generalisations labelled against all bloggers.

He starts with this paragraph, unsupported and alone.
“Web logs are the prized platform of an online lynch mob spouting liberty but spewing lies, libel and invective. Their potent allies in this pursuit include Google and Yahoo.”

He then goes on to site a few examples of rouge individuals and some cases where bloggers have bought to account politicians and journalists.

As for accuracy, he cant even get his figures right: Myspace in the largest blog host in the United States, followed by Xanga, not Blogger and SixApart.

Those interested can view the story here. Use login/password “forbesdontbug” to read.

What is also disturbing is that it seems Intelliseek, the firm behind the Blogpulse service is also getting into the attack with this quote from Peter Blackshaw, chief marketing officer:

“Bloggers are more of a threat than people realize, and they are only going to get more toxic. This is the new reality”

I’ll leave the last word to Steve Rubel, who was also the source for this post:

“Instead of telling us about both opportunities and threats, [the article] paint the blogosphere as the Wicked Witch of the West..My message to Corporate America is simple. Don’t listen to Forbes. Take a look around the blogosphere for yourself and you will find real humans – good, bad and ugly. What do you know? It’s just like in the meatspace (real world).”

Wired threatens to sue blog over “WiredPod” blog name

In yet another case of big business losing the plot, Advance Magazine Publishers, the folks behind Wired Magazine, have sent a cease and desist letter to the publisher of the WiredPod blog demanding that they cease using the domain name immediately and hand it over to them because people might get confused about which site they are reading. Yeh…right. Check out WiredPod.com here and then check out Wired.com here. Many similarities…I don’t think so. If they want the domain name at least offer them some money for it, why use a big stick when you can use greenbacks instead!

(thanks to Jared for the tip)

Teacher parodies students’ mistakes on blog

A Singapore school teacher decided to teach her students a lesson about poor written English: by posting a collection of her students’ mistakes onto her blog under the title of Bad Engrish.

Students and Teachers however didn’t see the funny side of the parody and told the Electric New Paper that “it was mean”.

One excerpt included this piece:

‘I know that Singapore is a small dot in the globe but is giving aids to many countries and Indonesia is being hazy all the time.’

The entry was featured on local blogger bulletin tomorrow.sg, a site that routinely posts links to interesting blogs about different facets of Singapore life.

The 29-year-old teacher said that blogging about her students’ mistakes was her way of correcting them in a friendly way, and that they do occasionally read her blog.

SixApart admit greed causing TypePad outages

After strong criticism from TypePad users, SixApart’s Ben Trot has responded by (to his credit) apologising for the problems with the service, but also admitting that the company over extended itself.

In a post on his wife’s blog, Trott writes:

For some background: TypePad-hosted blogs are, to say the least, incredibly popular, and growing at an incredible rate. We’re currently pushing about 250mbps of traffic through our multiple network pipes, and that’s growing by 10-20% each month. (If you’re more familiar with bandwidth stated in terms of transfer allowances, that’s a transfer rate of almost 3TB (terabytes!) per day.) And because TypePad customers are so invested in their blogs, we see activity on the service-both reading & writing-that equals services with 100 times the number of users on TypePad.

Because of the growth of the service, we’ve been increasing our capacity steadily, but a few months ago the data center we are in ran out of space and power, limiting the amount of equipment we could add. After some shopping, we found a great new data center and have been building it out for over a month. We’re currently in the middle of that move, and that’s when the trouble started.

The question then is: if you ran out of space and were having problems, why did you continue to take on new customers during this period? Surely a responsible business with serious capacity issues would have closed their doors to new business to assure that its current clients were taken care of.

Its called greed.

Responding to criticism and not being upfront and honest about a serious problem in the first place doesn’t really bide well for SixApart’s overall trust factor with the blogging community now, does it?. It could literally make a Dilbert cartoon….had the Dilbert blog been contactable on the day of launch.

VideoEgg & Six Apart join to deliver video blogging to TypePad

VideoEgg, Inc., have announced tie up that will see the integration its offering, The VideoEgg Publisher, into Six Apart TypePad service.

The VideoEgg Publisher is a Web-based video publishing technology that allows users to capture, encode, upload, and share online video.

Under the terms of the partnership, the VideoEgg Publisher will immediately be made available to all registered TypePad users free of charge.

“Partnering with Six Apart makes The VideoEgg Publisher available to one of the largest blogging communities on the web, empowering thousands of users and broadening the appeal of video blogging,” said Kevin Sladek, co-founder of VideoEgg. “TypePad will provide links to a “Feature Preview” through which users can see how easy it is to use VideoEgg Publisher to create video posts for their blogs. Moving forward, we’ll be rolling out vlogging tools for several Six Apart products, and we look forward to a new wave of users discovering this next frontier in blogging.”

Student punished over homophobic comment on blog

A Duquesne University, Pennsylvania student has been ordered to write a 10-page essay on the pros and cons of homosexuality after making a derogatory comment about gay people on a blog.

Ryan Miner, 19, wrote on the blog that gay people were subhuman.

The comment was subsequently the subject of numerous complaints by other students who found it offensive in a case that is said to be dividing the campus along freedom of speech lines.

Miner made the comments as part of a hate campaign against the establishment of a Gay-Straight Alliance at the University Campus, and is now claiming that he would rather be expelled then write the essay, saying that the Catholic Duquesne University decision to allow the group on campus was not consistent with church teachings on homosexuality.

(via Pittsburg Live)

100 blogs in 100 days, day 51: Some Assembly Required

Day 51 of 100 blogs in 100 days, and today’s offering comes to us from Thom Singer

Blog: Some Assembly Required
About: “Some Assembly Required” is a fun look at the importance of building a professional network, marketing, sales skills, public relations and branding. Hosted by Thom Singer, a guy who just experimented with a blog…never expected readership, and is now hooked on sharing his opinions on a variety of marketing, networking and other business topics. I believe that the world is still a place where “people do business with people they know and like”. While the internet, cell phones. blogs and other technologies make it easier to communicate with people….nothing replaces the one on one relationship.”

So drop on by to Some Assembly Required and let Thom know what you think.