OK, not strictly blogging related but one for Australian readers…what’s going on with, I visited the site this morning to find this:

International readers maybe interested however, because this is the first time I’m aware of Yahoo dropping its standard front page for a co-owned and branded site.

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    Truthfully I really dig this design. Not so sure about the co branding. But I really think should look into this and pursue a cleaner portal like their Aussie partners did. It’s badass.

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    Yep, 7 and aol where doing something together but it went nowhere and was overshadowed by ninemsn.

    I’m with the Cowboy here (dang it! :-) – I really like the design – very clean and crisp

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    I think it is definitely there to compete with ninemsn. The design looks awesome, and I’m listed pretty good there to, 30th for Horror writers in AU only search