New student blogger facing chargers over blog threats

A Dexter High School, Michigan student who wrote he wished his principal was dead is facing possible criminal charges following the discovery of the post on his blog

According to, in a lyrical rap of verses “laced with profanity”, the student claims that the School’s Interim Principal James Bannan wants to get rid of him, and questions whether others also want Bannan to die. He writes about gouging out Bannan’s eyes and watching as the blood flies.

GourmetStation Uses Blog to Enhance the Valentine’s Day Dinner Experience

GourmetStation, a provider of “upscale gourmet meals” in the United States, has announced that they will be using their blog, Delicious Destinations, to assist “date challenged men and women with romantic dinner ideas”.

Beginning on February 1, 2006 and counting down to Valentine’€™s Day, February 14, 2006, the blog will present fourteen romantic Valentine’€™s Day ideas (note to wife…don’t get to many ideas :-) ). Posts will include the history of Valentine’€™s Day, a love poem, stories of great romantic pairs of times gone by, creative table setting, and other entertaining ideas.

‘€œOur goal this Valentine’€™s Day is to enhance the overall romance experience,’€? says Founder & President Donna Lynes-Miller. ‘€œOur four- course romantic dinner menus include delicious European cuisine and special touches like a heart-shaped floating candle, matches, and cloth napkins. However, we wanted to take our offering one step beyond by suggesting romantic dinner ideas to help our patrons create the ultimate Valentine’€™s Day experience.’€œ

Seed Media to launch Science Blog network

Seed Media, a company that produces science publications in print and online, is readying itself to launch a dedicated Science Blog network:

The network is currently operating in beta mode.

The network includes 15 blogs, with only one, scienceg8 owned by Seed Media and the rest being independently owned. The company is aiming to expand to 30 blogs.

The company plans to sell advertising on the network for its member bloggers.
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Around the traps

I spent Sunday cleaning up and filing my email at long last a found a whole pile of interesting tips I missed, here are a few of the interesting ones:

Lewiston Web Consulting is stealing content from Blog Business World. A lot of this going around at the moment, not good (thanks to Darnell Clayton for the tip)

-Hub Magazine features a fascinating article on Mining the Blogosphere

-Jacob Gower’s Bloggy Network has launched a new film blog: Filmsy, and a nice looking site it is to.

– An interesting idea: an Experimental Blog (or xBlog for short)

The Internet Stock Blog: MSM 0 v Bloggers 1.

Forbes Best of the Web Investing Blogs: I don’t know everyone on the list but congrats to all who made it.

25 bloggers get a free trip to Holland thanks to Henry Copeland and BlogAds….note: no free trips for me = change from BlogAds to someone else :-) (thanks to Jake for the tip…they turned the offer down)

World Economic Forum Chairman Sends Apology To Lost Budgie Blog

An interesting blog:

“Why read my boring blog? I’m 79 years old and will be dead soon. Do you DARE to read it and find out how life can be in my age? What does a 79 years old human being do to make the days go by? What CAN I do? What can I NOT do? Enter and you will find out!”

– PSFK’s marketing ideas site IF! is running a Flickr pool that asks ‘What Is The Future Of Marketing’. Already, folk from agencies like New York’s Anomaly, Boston’s Modernista and Vancouver’s Industrial Brand Creative have added their suggestions.

Advertising in Podcasts…..maybe its time for me to give it another shot.

-Syntagma Media turns 3 months old.

– The folks behind Institutionalized have launched a new blog. I’m still hanging for the sequal to the book, damn fine read but it left me wanting more! The wife has read it as well, she loved it as well. Still hard to describe it though :-)

Now my new resolution, to keep up with my email tips :-)