Technorati Banned in China?

Hot on the hells of Google being banned in China, reports across the blogosphere today are commenting on the apparent ban of Technorati from web surfers in China.

This snippet from Technorati’s own blog:

We’ve received a number of reports today that users in China can’t get access to the Technorati site. Of course, we’re taking these reports very seriously, and we’re trying to get more accurate information. We’ll let you know when we know more.

You can follow the story over at tech.memeorandum.

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  1. says

    Sites go on and off in China like lights. Technorati is down now but it could be back up in a few minutes or a few days. Until more time has passed, it is impossible to say from how high up in the government chain the shutdown came. Was it an overzealous bureaucrat on the bottom or a strong signal to Technorati to “clean up” its China act? At this point, I’m betting on the former.


  1. “Great Firewall” blockt Technorati in China

    Während sich Google und Yahoo auf einen Deal mit den chinesischen Zensurbehörden eingelassen haben, um im Land der Mitte präsent sein zu können, ist von der Weblog-Suchmaschine Technorati nichts dergleichen bekannt geworden. Offensichtlich folgt nu…