How I Blog: Sarah Falcon

Sarah Falcon

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Sarah Falcon, Blogger

Sarah Falcon

Dangerously. I’m an early morning worker/blogger. When I’m feeling really brave, I’ll blog after my double-expresso, shot of milk, dash of cinnamon coffee. That’s usually when the post-modernism references/bad jokes come in.

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Back to Full Feeds

After sending countless DMCA letters since purchasing The Blog Herald back in February, we’ve moved to go back to full RSS feeds for our site. They will be ad-supported, but all of our content will be there.

Enjoy :)

And if you republish them, we’ll send my cat after you.

Digg Profile for sale on eBay

Michael Arrington at TechCrunch finds a Top 100 Digg Profile up for sale at eBay:

There are two arguments for the account having value. First, of course, is the fact that Netscape is now paying top Digg users to switch over. Netscape is looking for actual users, not accounts, though, and so there’€™s little chance of this account being turned into a valuable income stream at Netscape. Second, high ranking Digg accounts count more than others when they Digg a story, making that story more likely to go to the home page. The account therefore has value, if Digg doesn’€™t simply turn it off.

You can also read the Digg story about this sale. The eBay auction is at $305.00 as of this post.

Podcast 2006.1: Why podcasting? Podcast Rigs, the underground blogosphere, Dirtyspoke, and how I stained my underwear.

Welcome to our first official podcast here at The Blog Herald. We’re excited to launch this new portion of our coverage of the blogosphere and hope that you find it interesting as well.

You can subscribe directly to our podcast feed.

As you’ll hear me discuss in the podcast, our professional grade equipment isn’t here yet – and we’re still learning how to use the audio editing software that we’re testing – but we are off to a good start.

We plan on posting a few podcasts a week – and perhaps more as we bring some others into the podcasting fold here at The Blog Herald.

We’re also interested in doing voice interviews (Skype is acceptable as well) of those in the blogosphere. Drop us a note if you’re interested.

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Johnson & Johnson launching a Mommy Blog directory

Powerhouse consumer products maker Johnson & Johnson is launching the Mom Blogger project:

It’€™s about amplifying the voices of moms online. We’€™re creating a unique blog directory service. It’€™s an easy way to find and connect with other moms.

It’€™s a powerful blog publicity engine. We want to help more mom bloggers reach more readers (and get more traffic). And if you don’€™t have a blog, it’€™s a great place to start one. We want to help moms join the conversation.

If you have a mommy blog, you can signup here.