Ben Bleikamp joins Blog Herald

Ben Bleikamp, who blogs at and who created Lovely Blogs, has joined The Blog Herald as our Design columnist.

Ben has been designing on the web since he was 13. He is currently a junior at Ohio State University where he is studying marketing, economics, entrepreneurship, and hating Michigan.

He is interested in user interface design, information architecture, and buying expensive toys.

I’ve known Ben for quite some time now and previously worked with him on many of the BlogMedia, Inc. projects. He is a keen designer and one of the sharpest minds I know.

Welcome, Ben!

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  1. says

    Good stuff. I’ve seen some of Ben’s work around and it’s impressive.

    And a blog design columnist at TBH – very smart move Matt, for those of us (like me) who are design challenged.

  2. says


    I, of course, need a design columnist, because I can’t design shit.

    Just ask Ben or Pearson, both of which have done design work for me ;)



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