What’s a parent to do? (or, when you’re a senior executive at a Fortune 50 company.. and your son thinks your company sucks)

I fear the day that I’m old enough that my kids will know more about technology than I do… and that says alot, since I’m 32 and probably about to pass my peak as an early adopter and new technology geek.

But that’s already happened to Wayne Watts, the Senior Vice President & Associate General Counsel of AT&T, according to The Washington Post.

Watts, who is regularly required to defend AT&T’s customer service record before government regulatory agencies as AT&T’s proposed acquisition of Bell South moves forward, isn’t too aware of his 21 year old son Jared’s blog:

“Enter Middle Aged Wench of Doom,” Watts wrote, recounting a tense dialogue with a rude customer demanding to pay her bill. He also complains about company policies he finds “abusive to the customer” and “inappropriate,” some of which “violated my personal beliefs.”

His son, of course, works at Cingular Wireless, which is owned by AT&T.

This isn’t new, of course. If one knows how to dig around properly, you could find postings of mine on the internet that I wrote back in 1990, when I was only 16 years old. In fact, I know for a fact at least one client of mine has gone and dug up those postings when doing background research on our firm….

We’re now in an age where our children have grown in the “internet age” where blogging, social networking, and other interactions online are completely normal. And perhaps this is one of the reasons that folks are afraid of MySpace — it’s so easy to be so open about what one is doing…

Like complaining about customers at your local Cingular Wireless store…