Kevin Rose on Digg Trademark Controversy

Digg’s Kevin Rose responds to the recent controversy of Digg’s trademark enforcement:

We don’t want to shut anyone down (not even the clone sites), all we ask is that you avoid using the name ‘digg’ in your website names/domains. We’re looking to see if we have any other options.

I’m sure that I’ll be in the minority when I say this, but they ahve to defend their intellectual property rights.. they’re doing the right thing – as much as it is likely going to suck for those of you that have setup sites that include ‘digg’ in the domain name…


  1. says

    Defend their property rights sure, but sending cease and desist letters to people without asking nicely first doesn’t make Kevin Rose a nice person. What if you’ve got Digger in your name? does this mean you’re breaching their copyright as well…particularly given Digger is a term that’s been used since WW1 to describe an Australian or New Zealand solider?

  2. Tom (fudged71) says

    digg is awesome, and i defend kevin 100%

    property rights are serious, and i’m glad that he has brought this up at a time where Digg is really booming