Jessica Doyle joins The Blog Herald as our new columnist

Canada’s Jessica Doyle, who blogs at, has joined The Blog Herald as our new columnist. Jessica will write regular news articles throughout the month and write a weekly column called “Hello, my weekly post is:”


Jessica is a 32 year old Scorpio born in the year of the Ox. She’s 7/8th Irish, which likely accounts for the fair skin with many freckles that join (tan) together in the summer. Her oddity is that she has trichotillomania.

Jessica titles herself Emotion Creator, which she defines as one who executes an idea through painting, drawing, writing, poetry, filmmaking & editing, patting the cat named Missy Two Shoes, dancing, hula hooping, gardening, playing in nature, understanding the human condition and experiencing emotion – all of it! And the great thing is, she gets to tie it all together through blogging.

Welcome Jessica!


  1. says

    Great stuff in bringing Jessica on board.

    This gal is a top-notch artist that I’ve recently had the pleasure of engaging with.

    She’s my kind of gal: she’s finailzing a beauty of a docu titled “Lucidity”, she writes from the heart and her art is something to die for – crazy abstract art is right down my alley.

    Congrats Jessica and have some fun with your column here.

  2. says

    I’m happy to add more women – but mostly I’m looking for great bloggers :)

    Drop me a note at tips @ blogmedia dot biz if you think you fit the bill :)


  1. […] There is a full moon outside. The city is brighter and thus calmer but still dark as it is night time here. I need to come up with a name. A name for something that will happen weekly. Something that describes what I write about and will write about. Many many instances have occurred where emotion is all consuming in many different ways. It consumes thoughts of the past. It lays blank the passage to future and now it is just an anxious illusion. One step behind and one step forward; the middle being unseen, stepped over because it is just a dream. […]