Target suing blogger for posting anti-shoplifting policies

Filed as News on September 16, 2006 9:02 am

Target, the large US based retailer is suing “John Doe”, a blogger who has posted Target’s anti-shoplifting policies online in an attempt to unmask his/her identity, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle:

The Minneapolis-based company is suing the unidentified ‘€œJohn Doe’€?, who is believed to live in Georgia, in Federal Court for posting Target’€™s anti-theft procedures on Web sites and various retail employee forums on the Internet in July.

The information is used to secure Target’€™s merchandise from shoplifters and other wrongdoers. Target says in a court filing it is provided to employees on a ‘€œneed-to-know’€? basis.

To find out who the ‘€œJohn Doe’€? is, Target is seeking the help of AOL, Yahoo! Inc. and Microsoft Corp. It’€™s unclear whether these companies will comply, though.

The lawsuit, filed Sept. 5th in Federal Court in Atlanta, follows a two and a half month campaign that included efforts to get the multiple postings deleted from various message boards.

The court filing is available here (PDF).


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