Google Reader gets revamped (also: Bloglines does as little as possible)

Google have revamped their online RSS reader, called Google Reader, and we’€™re talking totally! On a first glance it looks a lot better than the last time I checked out the service, but I really don’€™t know since I’€™m not a Google Reader user. That might change, however ‘€“ I intend to give it a go in the upcoming weeks.

The launch post over at the official Google Reader blog spells it out for you, and gives you a video clip that tells the basics.

In other news, Bloglines are doing as little as possible. By that I mean that they’€™ve cut back on reloading the left frame which is nice, and now they check for feed updates more often. Works good enough for me, being a Bloglines user and all.

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  1. says

    Looks like Google is getting into the blogs in a big way…First the blog search now revamped blog reader…I’ll check it out although I am pretty happy with the bloglines.