We’ve just moved and blogging again

The server migration has been completed and everything went fine without a hitch. Now, it’s time to blog again.

We have signed-up a new set of writers, contributors and columnists and they should be trickling in and introducing themselves within the day. We will also have Tony as assistant editor to help get things moving a bit faster around here.

One of the main things we’d like to have here at the Blog Herald is wider coverage. There are a lot of important and equally relevant stories that needs attention in the eastern blogosphere and we feel that to get a better perspective of things, we will also have to take it into account as well.

We will continue to deliver fresh, relevant and timely content more often than usual.

Again, apologies for the housekeeping delays.

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  1. says

    Darnell — the official roster will be declared soon enough, my friend … the wait is only because we’re still in the drafting process, which, really, is a process unto itself. But since I have you on the horn, thanks ofr staying man. Its going to be a wild ride. ;)