Liz Strauss Joins the Blog Herald!

In our cavalcade of bloggers we’re introducing this week, I am thrilled to introduce a blogger who is possibly the nicest and classiest blogger I have ever met. But in addition to her popular “successful” blog, this blogger brings credentials! She has worked over 20 years in print, software, and online publishing. Furthermore, as VP and Publisher for an American textbook company, she developed products and strategic plans with publishers in Europe, Australia, the UK, and Ireland. This “successful” blogger blogs about communicatoins, writing, and what makes your blog “successful”. Of course, I am referring to the one and only, Liz Strauss from!

Liz will be joining the rest of our blogger family as another weekly columnist, and kicks her run with us on a topic that most bloggers know about — transparency and authenticity.

Welcome aboard Liz. The Blog Herald is lucky to have you! :)


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    Congratulations Liz! Y’all would have to look long and hard and you still wouldn’t be able to find anyone better for your team. Good choice!

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    Hi to all of you. Thank you, if you read what I wrote, then you know I was with some very special people today. That’s kept me from answering your comments at the very moment they came in.

    I appreciate every word you say. I sure hope I live up them. :)

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    Great! More Famous Writers! Now .. if only we can get less BLOGLINES updates! Everytime there is a new post . I see between 13 and 26 new posts in my bloglines, althnough I think it is a 11 day cycle .. not number of posts .. I keep seeing December 10 articles .. yesterday it was December 9th articles .. // Thought I would mention that .. (doesn’t anybody else notice that?)

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    Congrats on the new gig, Liz – they’re lucky to have “the one and the only” Liz. And what a quality start with your first column. I bow before thee, O great editor/writer/publisher and successful blogger. :-)

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    Thank you, Martin. You’re a hard act to follow.
    You’re also so silly to say that stuff about me. *bowing* c’mon now. I’m laughing too hard here. :)

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    “a hard act to follow” – heck, I was just a sideshow here – although I do have, ahem … the 7th most commented post ever at The Blog Herald from more than 4000 posts.

    Now the serious bit – you do intend to drag here one of your well worn bar counters (one of em old saloon types) with all the accessories – so when I lay my weary butt on the bar stool after a long day blogging you’ll know exactly what my order would be?

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    Listen here, Mr. Martin,
    I’m a salookeeper’s daughter. It doesn’t matter where I am. I’ll know your order. You better believe that! BTW, just down the street from where I live is a little Mexican restaurant that makes their own nacho chips. . . .

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    And of course, if I get to go to the Good Ol’ U S of A next year (80% chance), that’s where you’ll take me for lunch?

    Now enough banter or we’ll confuse the locals here – back to work.

    Have a Happy Holidays, a Great New Year’s Eve and a ripper of a 2007 – me thinks it’s time we all take it to another level.

    PS… Even though it may seem I’ve left the building (eg: commenting around the ‘sphere) I’m watching & reading everything … I’m just another one in a million. ;-)

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    Hi Jessica!
    I was delighted to see that you were staying. I so enjoy your writing here! It’s great to know you’ll be around too! Hope is important in this world of ours. :)

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    Welcome to all the new writers, very exciting!

    And yes, I have the same thing as HART, over 20 new posts in bloglines everytime there’s a new post! It’s been happening for weeks…. It’s a miracle I haven’t unsubscribed yet…!!!


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