The Blog Herald Welcomes Andy Merrett

The Blog Herald is pleased to introduce another new member of the team: Andy Merrett. We met Andy through the Blue Fish Network, which J. Angelo has been part of since last year.

Andy has been blogging for nearly 3 years and started blogging professionally full-time in July of 2006. He writes for several of Shiny Media‘s blogs, including Tech Digest and HDTVUK, as well as his own blogs. Andy also runs the Blue Fish Network group of independent web sites. His main areas of interest and expertise are technology, Internet trends, music, relationships, and blogging, particularly with a UK focus. Before becoming a full-time blogger, he had a number of IT jobs in both the charity and commercial sector.

Andy has already published his first post here, about some squabbles over at TechCrunch UK. We hope to hear more about the UK tech scene from Andy!

Here’s a recent interview by Tech Buzz’s Thilak Raj Rao.

If you want to get to know Andy more or if you wish to personally email/IM him your warm welcome, do check out his profile page.


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    Tech Buzz’s Ajay D’ Souza.
    You got my name wrong, I’m not Ajay DSouza, I’m Thilak Raj Rao

    Thanks for the trackback

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    Andy, it’s great to discover your HDTVUK blog, and I’m looking forward to reading your posts here on Blog Herald.

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    Hi all,

    Looking forward to springing back in the New Year with some (hopefully) interesting posts from the world of blogging. Hope everyone gets at least a few days’ break over the next couple of weeks.