Use WordPress 2.1.1? Please Upgrade to WP 2.1.2!

This is more of a public service announcement than anything else, as Lorelle already mentioned it in her fabulous “WordPress Wednesdays” three days ago.  But in case you weren’t aware, had forgotten, or didn’t read it (shame on you if you didn’t! :), it bears repeating: If you’re using WordPress 2.1.1 please upgrade to WordPress 2.1.2!

The details can be found over at the official WordPress site, but WP 2.1.1 has a piece of code that may have been inserted by a cracker who gained user-level access to the servers.  The hack allows WP 2.1.1 to be exploited in some fairly nasty ways.  Don’t be a victim — upgrade to WP 2.1.2 today!



  1. […] WordPress 2.1.2 Mandatory Upgrade: As was reported last week, the latest upgrade of WordPress was attacked from a server breach and everyone was incredibly helpful in spreading the world that a new replacement and updated (and better protected) version is now available. This is a mandatory full upgrade. Due to the nature of the new version, there are no upgrade only files available. Don’t wait. Do this now. […]

  2. […] And so we have decided to remove the plugin altogether. For a while, after we first installed it, it worked great and brought in some decent traffic, especially on some of the international news stories. But after the recent WP upgrade, we’ve met with some technical difficulties, and there seems no light at the end of that tunnel, even with several consultations with the plugin author (we can’t seem to figure out what exactly is wrong with our installation/server). At any rate, most foreign language speakers observe machine translated articles as crude and barely readable as genuine translation anyway. They are too literal, and devoid of usable context. […]