21Classes multi-user blogging application for the classroom

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21Publish, who provide software to allow groups to create their own shared blog platforms, has announced 21Classes, a multi-user blogging application specifically designed for creating classroom blog portals.

Hosted on 21Publish servers, teachers can set up a private blog platform for their students, with features including a class homepage to communicate with students, and independent but interconnected blog accounts.

As you’d expect from any good blogging software, students have the ability to upload images and video, make selected posts private, and set up templates.

A central console gives the teacher full control over students’ accounts, including the ability to review and edit content.

This isn’t the only solution aimed at connecting students and teachers together using blogging to enhance learning, as Lorelle discussed in her article the future of education is in the blogs.

Anything that boosts learning in a way that students can easily connect with has got to be a good thing.

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