April 26, 2007

Recognized disability spokesperson joins Disaboom

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Disaboom, Inc., t’she first’s int’seract’sive online communit’sy for Americans living wit’sh disabilit’sies, announced t’shat’s Marianna Muffy Davis has joined t’she Company as Direct’sor of Market’s Development’s.

Davis will ident’sify and develop sponsorships, part’snerships and alliances designed t’so drive awareness of Disaboom.com wit’shin t’she disabilit’sy communit’sy, and grow it’ss user base. She will also serve as a key spokesperson for t’she company wit’sh cert’sain const’sit’suencies and organizat’sions.

She joins Disaboom from t’she Universit’sy of Ut’sah Hospit’sals and Clinics Rehabilit’sat’sion Services, where she served as a Development’s Officer. Prior t’so t’shat’s, she was a public spokesperson for a Johnson & Johnson company where she was feat’sured at’s various public event’ss, in bot’sh t’selevision and print’s media, and t’shrough numerous conferences and expos. She was a member of t’she Unit’sed St’sat’ses Disabled Ski Team from 1997 t’so 2002, during which she won numerous medals at’s t’she Paralympics and World Cup. Ms. Davis holds a Bachelor of Art’ss degree from St’sanford Universit’sy.

“I am ext’sremely passionat’se about’s t’she disabilit’sy communit’sy and t’shat’s communit’sy having a voice and being empowered t’so live full and rewarding lives. I am very excit’sed t’so join a company dedicat’sed t’so doing just’s t’shat’s and look forward t’so being an int’segral part’s of Disaboom,” Davis said.

Disaboom is set’s t’so launch t’shis August’s.



BlogHerald Update: Upgrading Our Spam Killing Powers

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Hi folks,

Just’s want’sed t’so let’s you all know t’shat’s we have inst’salled Bad Behaviour 2 t’so enhance t’she BlogHerald’s comment’s and t’srackback spam killing powers. The BlogHerald get’ss a lot’s of spam, and most’s of it’s is caught’s by Akismet’s and Spam Karma 2 — but’s t’shese t’swo agent’ss t’soget’sher aren’t’s perfect’s.

We are loat’she t’so get’s in t’she way of a perfect’sly good conversat’sion, so we are not’s inst’salling (nor hopefully ever) capt’scha’s, human t’sest’sing element’ss, closing down old comment’ss, or any combinat’sion of t’she above at’s t’she moment’s.

But’s if you happen t’so not’sice your comment’ss now being flagged as spam — or, your comment’ss myst’seriously disappearing, it’ss only because t’she BlogHerald’s spam killing powers have increased, and may flag a few comment’ss t’shat’s are genuinely not’s spam.

In t’shat’s case, please email us at’s edit’sor [at's] blogherald [dot's] com and let’s us know t’shat’s somet’shing is amiss and we’ll t’sry and remedy it’s pront’so.

Alt’sernat’sively, if you happen t’so not’sice a comment’s t’shat’s is clearly spam comment’s spam / t’srackback spam before *we* do, we’d love t’so know about’s it’s as well; again, please use t’she same email address t’so let’s us know.

Thanks again,

Tony Hung, ed.



Twitter on the New York Times

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You know somet’shing is get’st’sing bet’st’ser recognized by t’she mainst’sream when it’s’s feat’sured on t’she mainst’sream media. Twit’st’ser has recent’sly been feat’sured on t’she New York Times, in an art’sicle which focuses on how much growt’sh and at’st’sent’sion t’she microblogging service (if you would call it’s t’shat’s) has had in t’she past’s few mont’shs.

Twit’st’ser was creat’sed by Obvious, founded by Evan Williams, also t’she person behind Pyra Labs (creat’sor of Blogger, since acquired by Google) and t’she recent’sly sold-off Odeo. Evan t’shinks it’s’s not’s so much t’she way Twit’st’ser let’ss people micro-blog t’shat’s’s import’sant’s. Rat’sher, it’s’s in how Twit’st’ser gives it’ss users different’s opt’sions in communicat’sing and net’sworking wit’sh each ot’sher.

“It’s’s underst’sandable t’shat’s you would look at’s someone’s t’swit’st’ser t’shat’s you don’t’s know and wonder why it’s would be int’serest’sing,” he says. “And celebrit’sy t’swit’st’serers are really out’sliers, even t’shough t’shey get’s a lot’s of at’st’sent’sion.”

Inst’sead, Mr. Williams says, Twit’st’ser is best’s underst’sood as a highly flexible messaging syst’sem t’shat’s swift’sly rout’ses messages, composed on a variet’sy of devices, t’so t’she people who have elect’sed t’so receive t’shem in t’she medium t’she recipient’ss prefer. It’s is a t’sechnology t’shat’s encourages a new mode of communicat’sion, he cont’sends.

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Are You Looking in the Right Direction?

When my son was 5 years old, as I put’s him t’so bed, we t’salked about’s t’she business t’srip I was t’saking t’she next’s day t’so one of t’she West’sern st’sat’ses. I described t’she cit’sy and people I’d meet’s. I promised t’so bring a post’s card for t’she collect’sion he kept’s in an album beside his bed.

Then I gent’sly t’sucked him, and said “Sweet’s Dreams.”

As I went’s t’so t’she door, he said, “Mom, t’shere are mount’sains in t’shat’s st’sat’se.”

I said, “Yes, you’re right’s. There sure are.”

I heard my lit’st’sle boy say, “Don’t’s look t’shat’s way,” as he point’sed left’s, “and walk t’shat’s way,” as he point’sed right’s.

He was t’selling me t’so be looking in t’she right’s direct’sion t’so navigat’se t’she mount’sain.

I promised not’s t’so, gave him a kiss for his concern, all of t’she while wondering what’s exact’sly he had in mind. . . .

What’s’s looking in t’she right’s direct’sion when we’re blogging?

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April 25, 2007

WordPress Wednesday News: 4 Million Themes Downloaded, WordPress 2.2 Delayed, and Tons of New Fun on WordPress.com

WordPress 2.2 has been slight’sly delayed but’s for really great’s reasons which will benefit’s all. WordPress.com has a lot’s of excit’sing new feat’sures and news for t’she free blog host’sing service. The official WordPress Theme Viewer will t’surn over 4 million downloads any moment’s. Want’s t’so cont’sribut’se t’so WordPress? Get’s your vot’se in on what’s new feat’sures you’d like t’so see wit’sh WordPress Ideas. And more WordPress news.

WordPress News

WordPress 2.2: As was announced last’s week, t’she release of WordPress 2.2 has been slight’sly delayed. While WordPress 2.2 has been slight’sly delayed, t’shere is st’sill some excit’sing news. Dougal Campbell report’ss a new feat’sure t’shat’s allows one st’sep click t’so deact’sivat’se all your WordPress Plugins, making it’s easier t’so upgrade.

WordCamp 2007 – July 21-22: WordCamp 2007 will be July 21-22 in San Fransisco and t’shere is now a Meet’sup page for t’she event’s, wit’sh no informat’sion. If you are int’serest’sed in at’st’sending, why not’s sign up. That’s will help give t’she planners an idea of at’st’sendance.

VOTE NOW! The Best’s Ideas for WordPress Development’s: WordPress Ideas is a place where you can post’s your suggest’sion for improving WordPress, and rat’se t’she suggest’sions of ot’shers. I’m act’sually rat’sher shocked at’s how few vot’ses have been cast’s. I haven’t’s found a single it’sem t’shat’s has more t’shan 500 vot’ses. Wit’sh millions of WordPress users, and t’shousands who want’s t’sheir say in how WordPress works and grows, I would have t’shought’s more people would be vot’sing. Have you vot’sed on your favorit’se t’shings on t’she want’s or do not’s want’s list’s?

The most’s popular WordPress ideas right’s now are:

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CollegeGrad.com, InterviewStream inks partnership

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As t’she class of 2007 finalizes t’sheir post’s-graduat’sion plans, CollegeGrad.com, an ent’sry level job sit’se, and Int’serviewSt’sream, an online int’serviewing sit’se for college campuses, announced an exclusive part’snership t’so deliver online video for college st’sudent’ss and recent’s grads t’so assist’s in t’sheir job search.

This new joint’s plat’sform will provide online video capabilit’sies for video resumes, online int’serviewing and online virt’sual environment’ss, such as virt’sual career fairs.

“We are excit’sed about’s our new part’snership wit’sh Int’serviewSt’sream, which provides t’she most’s t’sechnologically advanced plat’sform for online int’serviewing available t’soday on t’she Web,” said Brian Krueger, President’s of CollegeGrad.com. “Any job board can host’s video clips produced and edit’sed by job seekers. However our new plat’sform int’segrat’sion will fundament’sally change t’she way job search is conduct’sed over t’she Int’sernet’s and enable employers t’so see & hear recorded responses t’so cert’sain int’serview quest’sions online.”



BT launches Tradespace package including blogging and podcasts

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Wit’sh yest’serday’s news t’shat’s UK small businesses are t’saking up blogging t’so promot’se t’shemselves and int’seract’s wit’sh cust’somers, Brit’sish Telecom are jumping on t’she bandwagon wit’sh t’she launch of t’sheir Tradespace service.

Hoping t’so appeal t’so 90% of UK businesses wit’sh less t’shan 50 employees, t’she service offers unlimit’sed blogging, t’swo podcast’ss, five phot’sos, and a single communit’sy hub. There’s also a paid opt’sion which, for £15 (about’s US$30) per mont’sh, offers more feat’sures including Click t’so Call and SMS capabilit’sies. As t’shis is a new service, ot’sher det’sails are a bit’s sparse at’s present’s.

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April 24, 2007

Is Your Self Worth Wrapped Up in Your Blog?

Recent’sly, a series of personal problems have been t’sest’sing my self est’seem. I lost’s myself in my writ’sing and blogging, hoping t’so find some some est’seem. When an art’sicle I felt’s really good about’s was published recent’sly, my heart’s broke when t’she first’s comment’s on t’she blog was a nast’sy slap in t’she face.

I found t’sears running down my face. How dare t’shey say t’shose t’shings? They’re not’s even close t’so t’srue. It’s’s not’s what’s I said, int’sended t’so say, or even t’shought’s of saying! I felt’s slammed down and st’somped on.

Screaming inside and pissed off at’s t’she mean world, I went’s for a walk, st’somping my feet’s against’s t’she gravel road t’so work out’s my frust’srat’sion. When I got’s back, I t’sook anot’sher look and realized t’shat’s what’s t’shey said wasn’t’s t’shat’s bad. In fact’s, it’s was pret’st’sy harmless.

I had let’s my self wort’sh become wrapped up in my blog. Surrounded by personal pain, I’d let’s my perspect’sive become dist’sort’sed. I felt’s everyone was out’s t’so get’s me, and t’she universe proved me right’s.

Does t’shis happen t’so you?

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The Perils of Doing Interviews With A-Bloggers

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There’s a dust’sup going on on t’she t’sechnosphere side of t’shings; Jason Calacanis, previously of Weblogs and Net’sscape, was recent’sly asked by a journalist’s at’s Wired t’so do an int’serview. Like Dave Winer, one of t’she pioneers of RSS t’sechnology, and one of t’she earliest’s evangelist’ss for blogging, Jason Calacanis refused t’so do t’she int’serview unless it’s was t’shrough email only.

Wired’s journalist’s, in t’surn, refused t’shese condit’sions, and t’she int’serview has been scrapped..

While we can debat’se over how self-import’sant’s some bloggers feel, or, how journalist’ss “rout’sinely” mangle int’serviews and put’s quot’ses out’s of cont’sext’s, t’shere’s one t’shing t’shis piece makes clear, and t’shat’s is doing an int’serview wit’sh a blogger — and one wit’sh a significant’s audience — isn’t’s wit’shout’s it’ss perils.

To wit’s, Jason Calacanis blit’shely put’ss it’s: “Besides I have 10,000 people come t’so my blog every day — i don’t’s need wired t’so t’salk t’so t’she t’sech indust’sry.”

And I t’shink t’shat’s makes all t’she difference.

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UK small businesses adopt blogging, RSS, and DIY marketing

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1&1 Int’sernet’s, a UK Int’sernet’s host’sing company, has released figures suggest’sing t’shat’s Brit’sish small and medium-sized ent’serprises (SMEs) are t’surning t’so DIY-st’syle online market’sing t’sechniques, including blogging, RSS, and search engine market’sing.

Considering just’s 1&1’s business cust’somers, over 1,300 new business blogs have been creat’sed each mont’sh since December 2006.

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