Five bloggers group together to prosper in difficult technology niche

Five friends have joined forces to launch a collaborative technology blog, with the hope of earning extra income by blogging together.

The Hi-Tech Squad is written by five family men from the USA, UK, and mainland Europe, who have been lured by the hope of earning some extra income through their blogging.

Each member has their own areas of expertise. “By blogging together we ensure broad, quality content and also the burden isn’t just on one of us,” said Gary Sims, one of the group.

He continued, “At first we know that there won’t be any substantial income, but I have read about blogs making more than $500 per month.”

Indeed, some do. Some make a lot less, too.

It’s a brave decision to enter such a crowded space, writing about general technology issues. I’m concerned if their primary focus is on making money, as they may become disillusioned quite early on.

Having said that, if they have a passion for the subject, and for informing and entertaining other people, and aren’t looking to generate a full-time income, then they could do quite well. There’s always room for fresh voices, even in crowded niches, if they’re distinctive enough.

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