Six Apart announces TypePad for iPhone/iPod

Six Apart has announced that its popular TypePad blogging platform has been optimised for Apple’s iPhone and new iPod Touch.

The mobile version offers the same functionality as the desktop version: creation and editing of posts, managing comments, and configuring settings. In addition, photos taken with the iPhone’s built-in camera can be sent directly to a TypePad blog.

Similar functionality will also work on the iPod Touch, whenever a user is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

“Six Apart has long been an innovator in mobile blogging,” said Michael Sippey, VP Product, Professional Division at Six Apart. “We believe in making it easy to update your blog from wherever you are, and we are excited to be delivering this new capability to iPhone users.”

The service is available at


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    Interesting news, but I am curious just how huge the market is for the service, I mean how many bloggers actually prefer blogging on a PDA or small mobile device over blogging on a laptop

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    I don’t think I would want to blog on an iphone even though the iphone rocks. It takes forever using the small keys

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    Yeah, that’s not very comfortable to type on small PDA keyboard. I’ll never use that, but that must be good for those who use iPod/iPhone intensively.


  1. Six Apart launches Typepad blogging for iPhone and iPod Touch

    How d’you fancy blogging with an on-screen keyboard? iPhone users are about to find out, thanks to Six Apart’s launch of an optimised version of its Typepad blogging platform. And guess what? It’ll work on the new iPod Touch too.

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