You can only talk about the Restaurant in the Restaurant

The latest Saturday Afternoon Chatter on Techmeme is about where conversations take place after we post on our blogs. The former editor of the Blog Herald Tony Hung thinks aggregation services have crossed the line. I tend to disagree. It’s like Restaurants having policies that you are only allowed to talk about the restaurant in the restaurant using approved feedback forms.

I have nothing else to say. Just thought I’d add this little bit of snobbery.


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    … where conversations take place after we post on our blogs? I thought I was pretty clear in saying that I don’t really care *where* conversations happen after I post, because I realize that I don’t control that.

    Rather, that I took exception to services which exist by scraping my full-feeds content and cannot exist without scraping my content without the courtesy of asking for my permission first.

    How is that snobbery? :P


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    As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care where the conversation about my blog is located just so long as someone is talking about it. Sure, it sucks that all of those comments, tweets, and whatever else are not comments on my blog, but then again, who cares.

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    Sorry David, but what you said is not the point. Of course everyone should be able to talk in whatever form and medium s/he likes about whatever s/he has seen whereever. We call it freedom of speech. I would rather object against the fact that others make their business by building a community based on others content.

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