Dealing with 10,000 emails & getting to Inbox Zero in 24 hours

Darren Rowse spent the weekend getting his inbox from 10,000 items down to zero in less than 24 hours.

How did he do this?

Well, he started with Google’s GMail:

I moved all my email activity to Gmail

To do this I forwarded all of my previous email addresses and contact forms so that they now arrive in my Gmail inbox. Previously I’d use (mac) to fetch email from 5 different email addresses and synced it with using IMAP so I could retrieve it from two computers. Now I’m using Gmail online rather than a client to sort them all. It does mean I can only access email while online – but I think this in itself will be helpful as it decreases the time I am using email.

Darren goes on to talk about his other steps – including merciless unsubscribing, using Gmail’s filtering and labels, and other steps. It’s well worth the read if you’re looking to get control of your inbox.


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