Jeff Atwood & Joel Spolsky launch – working to make programming information trivially easy to find

If you’re a programmer, or a former computer science major (like me), you’ll understand the irony behind the name of the new micro-ISV startup co-founded by Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror and Fog Creek is, according to Jeff’s post on the launch:

From day one, my blog has been about putting helpful information out into the world. I never had any particular aspirations for this blog to become what it is today; I’m humbled and gratified by its amazing success. It has quite literally changed my life. Blogs are fantastic resources, but as much as I might encourage my fellow programmers to blog, not everyone has the time or inclination to start a blog. There’s far too much great programming information trapped in forums, buried in online help, or hidden away in books that nobody buys any more. We’d like to unlock all that. Let’s create something that makes it easy to participate, and put it online in a form that is trivially easy to find.

Their initial podcast now available.

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