MediaShift Interviews William Bastone of the Smoking Gun

The Smoking Gun is still going strong, making a living on publishing celebrity mugshots and a lot of other things. Mark Glaser over at MediaShift have a great interview with William Bastone, founder of The Smoking Gun, and he’s got a lot of things to say about online publishing.

There are a lot of people commenting on stuff and riffing on things and blogging, but actually reporters breaking stories on the Net — there are a lot fewer than I would expect…Even though we’re no longer running the site out of my living room and sold it, we’re still a three-person outfit. We’re the smallest division within the Time Warner monstrosity. We’re still three guys in a room who generate every story we do…We still maintain a shadow of our indie cred.

An interesting read for sure, so check it out this weekend.

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