Buy and Sell Blogroll Links, and Fool Google is a new service to buy and sell text links on your blog, but without any scripts and therefor hard to track for Google. The idea is, of course, to nab a piece of the Text Link Ads cake, since it’ll be hard for search engines to slam down on you buying and selling text links when there’s no script to analyze.

That’s right, no script. If you’re a blog publisher, and someone buys a link in your blogroll, you’ll add it manually, and be paid a flat fee per month, or similar.

What do you think? Will Google tackle this as well, and find a way to penalize sites using this server, or is the TLA 2.0?

Hat tip: John Chow


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    There’s a problem with they’re shopping cart. I tried purchasing links over there twice already, but I can’t checkout. the cart isn’t working.

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    There is a new site that also sell blogroll just like this It’s anyone have tried it? I need review before try it, no javascript anymore to add paid link after my PR have dropped to 0 after selling links…

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    Hey this is really cool way I was just reading out to find making some dou out of my PR blog. Any other site you recommend apart from blog rolled where I can make some money/ month??

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