Jason Calacanis Quits Blogging

Jason Calacanis, the founder of Weblogs Inc., which sold to AOL, and also the founder of human search engine Mahalo, have quit blogging. He made the statement on his blog, in a post depicting a fictional press conference.

“It’s with a heavy heart, and much consideration, that today I would like to announce my retirement from blogging.”
Jason McCabe Calacanis, July 11th 2008.

In his post, Jason writes about how blogging takes its toll, and all the other things you might imagine an A-lister, or anyone serious about their blog really, might complain about. That doesn’t make it less true, personally I think you’re more likely to call it quits too late rather than too soon, but that’s beside the point.

Naturally, this sparked some interest in the blogosphere, including waking former Blog Herald editor Tony Hung from his sleep. He’s calling it bullshit, as is Scoble, while Matthew Ingram thinks it is just too much to be really true. Time will tell, it could be a pretty clever PR hoax to pimp his mailing list, which he obviously got us all doing, or at least mentioning.

My guess is that we’ll have Jason Calacanis blogging soon enough, but if not, thanks for all the fish. It’s been fun, Jason.


  1. says

    It is still unclear to me why Calacanis made his decision to quit blogging. What kind of ‘private’ topics does he want to discuss in his mail list? Personally I do not believe in email newsletters and often regard them as spam despite of their subject.


  1. On Blogging in 2008 or: The Sky Is Not Falling, People…

    Where your author spends way too much time blogging about blogging, especially when most of it is just taking J-Dawg’s bait.

  2. […] Jason Calacanis quitting blogging has been widely reported, switching over to a newsletter format instead. I’m on that list, and I’m happy to say there’s been plenty of interesting e-mails from the Mahalo guy already. This isn’t surprising, the e-mail format doesn’t stress you to write on a daily basis, so Jason can stick to the good stuff, leaving out things not being as necessary to comment. […]

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