WordPress 2.6 Released Early

This is something you don’t see every day, an early release of a blogging platform. WordPress 2.6 is out, almost a month ahead of schedule, which is just smashing, isn’t it? Among the news you’ll find Google Gears support, image captioning, a revamped Press This! bookmarklet, wiki-like revisioning of posts, and so on. This video gives a brief overview:

Grab WordPress 2.6 from the download page. As always, we encourage you to update, if nothing else but to keep your blog safe.


  1. Solo says

    The new updates are terrific, but what I’m hoping is that this version includes the ability (which WordPress once had) to publish a post automatically on a certain day and time.

    WordPress 2.5 and 2.5.1 does not include that option, and it’s sorely missed. I travel a lot and find it bothersome to open my laptop just to publish posts that no longer publish automatically.


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