It’s Official: Twitter Acquires Summize

The rumors were true, Twitter has acquired Summize, and not only that, they also launched a new search page for you to play with.

Summize is a popular service for searching Twitter and keeping up with emerging trends in real-time. Like Twitter, Summize offers an API so other products and services can filter the constant queue of updates in a variety of ways. The Summize service and API will be merged with our own and integrated under the Twitter brand.

All five Summize engineers will relocate to San Francisco to continue work with the search parts on Twitter. Incidentally, new search features will be rolled out soon…

Silicon Alley Insider reports that the price tag was $15 million. They have also found a possible business model for Twitter in all this:

And, if you’re feeling generous, Summize might well help Twitter solve its business model problem, too. Twitter users wouldn’t stand for ads sold into their tweets, or on their Twitter pages themselves. But there are a couple of companies we can think of that have done well by selling ads on search pages.

Good point. It’ll be interesting to follow this one.


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