Sony Pictures Television gets exclusive distribution rights to Rocketboom

Sony Pictures Television (SPT) has just announced that it has acquired global distribution rights to online video site

This will include the service being fully integrated with Sony’s own online video network, together with cross-promotion of content from both sites.

In addition, it means Rocketboom’s daily show will be available to owners of Sony’s Internet-enabled BRAVIA TVs. SPT will also handle all of Rocketboom’s ad sales.

“Rocketboom is a pioneer in the video blog space and millions of viewers flock to it for its irreverent entertainment,” said Michael Arrieta, executive vice president, digital distribution and mobile entertainment, SPT. “We’re thrilled to have it in our portfolio and to take it to the next level.”

“We believe Sony Pictures Entertainment’s experience as a TV and Film company — and their established prowess as a distribution and ad sales partner, bring an unparalleled level of resources and infrastructure to a company like ours,” said Andrew Baron, creator of Rocketboom. “We also believe in Sony Pictures Television’s overall strategy for the future and think they are a step ahead.”


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