Duncan Riley reflects on three months of The Inquisitr

Three months into his new operation, Duncan Riley takes some time to reflect on the progress of The Inquisitr:

The good news is a couple of weeks into the 3rd month that our traffic is through the roof. We’d had 2 solid weeks leading to the last couple of days, a couple of 5 figure days in terms of traffic, but the better news was even the quiet days were twice the size they were even a month back. Then there was bigfoot. I’m still waiting on the final stats for the second day of Bigfoot traffic, but it’s likely 2 days of 100k+. I’m also still waiting on the latest RSS sub rates as I post this, but we put on a solid 500+ additional subscribers on the main feed the first day of the surge, and hopefully something close the second day.

For a newish site, I think The Inquisitr is doing just fine… can’t wait to look back on this in a year and see where things stand…

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