Your Thoughts on Blog Reposts

Most blogger success stories do not happen overnight. For the most part, its perseverance and sustained hard word that rewards online scribes. What that means, is that by the time you start generating serious traffic, some of your strongest content is behind you. (I’m sure you’ll still write amazing posts, but you’ve probably blown a lot of your load).

So let me pose a question:

How do you feel about reposting articles?

I’m not talking about links to past posts or a highlighted section – I mean a straight on repost.

Will duplicate content piss off the search engines? Annoy your readers?

What are your thoughts?


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    I’m not a big fan of reposts but I definitely use the “related posts” plugin. That’s a great way of getting old posts viewed without having to repost.

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    Instead of re-posting, if there’s anything relevant to add why not do a follow-up with a pull quote from the original article and a link back to the original post? Newspapers have been doing something similar for ages.

    As for whether it will piss off the search engines, that’s something you maybe should have looked into and told us. It’s a technical matter, not a matter of opinion.

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    What if you’re starting a second blog, with only a tangential relationship to the first? And you have a couple relevant and well-received posts from the earlier one?

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