Engadget Scored 14 Million Pageviews on the Apple Notebook Event

The Apple Tuesday notebook event, where new MacBooks were announced, and drove traffic to a lot of gadget focused sites and blogs. One of those are Engadget, which got a mammoth 14 million pageviews on that particluar day, according to a leaked internal mail reposted by TechCrunch. They reported 1.3 million uniques, so that’s almost 11 pageviews per person. That’s a record for the site.

Weblogs Inc. as a whole served 23.9 million pageviews, and 3.4 million uniques, another all-time high according to the internal email.


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    Liveblog events like this (presuming it was a live blog?) do pretty well for page views, because they rely on people refreshing the page to get the latest information. I’d imagine full-blown Steve Jobs’ keynotes (eg at Macworld in January) get even better results.

    Of course, that’s against the potential for your whole server to die under the strain of things.

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