Jaiku Servers Too Busy a Sign of Things to Come?

JaikuI haven’t read or seen anything that would point to Jaiku, the Finnish microblogging service that Google bought, suddenly growing like crazy, but maybe I’ve just missed it. Anyway, the servers have been down for almost 30 minutes now, alternating with “the server’s are too busy” messages, and the not so pretty “502 Bad Gateway” error. Most likely they’ll be back up soon.

Either way, is this as sign of things to come? If Jaiku should take off, would that mean that they’d go through the same downtime period as Twitter did? They really shouldn’t have to, especially if they would get integrated in the Google App engine as has been reported previously, although that one’s been under some fire recently as well.

All that aside, fact remains. Jaiku is still down, and we’re yet to see it become a serious threat to Twitter.

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