33 Twitter Accounts Hacked – Obama, Fox News, Britney Spears Affected

Twitter33 Twitter accounts were hacked on Monday, mostly celeb ones it seems. According to the Twitter blog the hackers managed to use an internal admin tool to get into the account, and the team is considering this a serious security breach. This comes just after the phishing scam this weekend, which was a separate incident. Everything should be resolved now.

The hacker managed to post a bunch of tweets, like having Fox News tell the world that Bill O’Reilly is gay, and have Barack Obama invite followers to a survey. Affiliate dollars were probably made, which sounds pretty stupid to me – if you follow the money you’ll find a likely suspect. On the other hand, it could be just some affiliate link put in there to mess with someone.

Michael Arrington traced the hacker to a site called Digital Gangster, where the hacker – who goes under “Gmz” – is said to have posted the credentials. We’ll likely see more on this as it unravels.

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