All new connects members to other social networks within

updated_sparse1Marc Andreessen’s Ning, the patform that allows you to create easily your own social network, has unveiled a new

“Everyday millions of people are discovering new social networks across the Ning Platform,” said Gina Bianchini, CEO and co-founder of Ning. “The new makes it even easier and more natural for members to see a real-time snapshot of the latest activity on their social networks on Ning as well as discover new social networks across the Ning Platform.”

The new expects to benefit the creators of social networks on Ning with better discovery by millions of prospective members, as well as higher recurring usage by existing ones. Here’s a more detailed explanation straight from Ning’s blog.


  1. sGcody says

    Ning sucks.

    they totally scam their clients and steal ALL of their member data without permission of the site creators or members of the sites.

    A social network on Ning is now just worthless GROUP on

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