Financial advisors not on Twitter “will miss out on business leads”

The financial services industry is just one that’s seeing the current and future benefits of Twitter, with the founder of the UK’s IFA Life networking web site warning that financial advisors who don’t use Twitter will miss out on business leads.

The site has just launched a directory of advisors who are already using Twitter to make it easier for consumers to find independent financial advisors online.

Philip Calvert says that, while Google is still the first choice for finding IFAs, tools like Twitter and social networking sites are becoming increasingly important.

“Given the extraordinary speed at which Twitter is growing, there’s no doubt that its search capabilities will become more and more important,” he said.

(Via Money Marketing)


  1. says

    Yes, and the faster Twitter turns into another marketing channel, the faster the real people will desert it in droves. Whenever I get a “so-and-so business-is-now-following-you” message, I block them.

  2. Gargi Nath says

    Yes, in today’s world if you are not in Twitter you are missing chunks of oppurtunities. I have been using it regularly and getting leads out of it. So keep tweeting.

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