British kids to be taught blogging, podcasting, tweeting. What about the parents?

The British government is embracing the world of online communication and wants to ensure that children get a head start in the world of blogging, microblogging and podcasting, amongst other things.

In plans leaked to a UK national newspaper, teachers will have increased freedom to choose what should be taught in their classes.

Traditional skills such as mental arithmetic, spelling and handwriting will still be taught, but children will also learn how to type and use spell checkers.

Getting kids up to speed in technology isn’t a new thing. A recent survey found that three out of four British teachers believe that blogging and social networking can help their pupils learn about the environment and greener living, and Scottish primary school children have been blogging for nearly two years now.

With the speed at which children pick up on new technology, with or without formalised education, I’m more concerned that it’s the parents who really need training.

(Via Tech Digest and TechCrunch Europe)


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