Swine Flu Tracker App on the iPhone

Pending Apple approval is a new free app for the iPhone and iPod touch that will allow users to track the Swine Flu “outbreak.”

Created by Barry Schwartz, blogger and application developer, the Swine Flu Tracker will include a threat level page, clickable maps of reported cases and alerts issued from WHO, CDC and HealthMap Twitter accounts.

Whether you’re calling it Swine Flu, pigfluenza, or H1N1, it seems this story is gaining steam. The question is: is the threat of a pandemic real or is it all media hype?

The Swine Flu Tracker comes from the same folks who have realease the Target store finder and Coffee Finder.

Check intuApps Website for info on when the app is approved.


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    i think that in asian countries the Swine Flu did not spread rapidly compared to those countries that are located in colder climates. we should still be very thankful that the swine flu did not cause massive infections.

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