Anonymous blogging UK police officer identity to be revealed after Court order

The identity of a blogging British police officer going by the pseudonym “Night Jack” has been discovered by The Times newspaper and is soon to be published, after attempts by his lawyers to get an injunction preventing the exposé failed.

In the High Court, Mr Justice Eady ruled that blogging was “essentially a public rather than a private activity” and as such it was in the public interest to reveal his identity.

Unlike The Daily Telegraph, whose revelations regarding MPs expenses were definitely in the public interest, all The Times is likely to achieve is the loss of an interesting and insightful blog. Well done.

The blog in question has already been removed but you can peruse selected posts from Google’s cache, at least for now.

It goes to prove, once again, that it’s virtually impossible to stay anonymous on the Net. Expect to be found out, especially if you’re posting anything controversial.

(Via Bitter Wallet)


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    I read somewhere that the content of Night Jack’s blog was so well written and struck a chord with so many that it became a literary threat to some journalists!

    But I don’t understand how do they get to know that such a blog exists. I mean did it become so popular in such little time that it really mattered for the cops?

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