Twitter Following Interface Changes

Twitter has added a couple of neat features to your Following List interface. Now you can see the most recent tweets, a straight list as before, and more with a contextual menu to the side.

Changing the list appearance is performed through the button up in the top left of your Following list.

After you hit the expanded version you will now see more detail, including the person’s last tweet.

For each person there is a cog-icon button. This is a contextual menu that allows you to unfollow, block, direct message or @mention the person in your tweet.

One thing I think the Twitter folks have missed is a visual indication for if this person follows you back or not. You can look in the menu to see if you are allowed to direct message them, but it would be nice to be able to see this in the skimmable list.


  1. says

    I agree it would be good to get an indicator of reciprocal following/not (e.g. can you DM) – otherwise, sounds like a good set of changes.. must check them out!

  2. says

    While the interface is much nicer, the lack of an indicator that they follow you is a total fail for Twitter – such a simple thing, yet absolutely vital for managing your account – how could they have possibly missed it?

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