Izea Launches Sponsored Tweets

sponsoredtweets.jpgPayPerPost creators Izea have launched Sponsored Tweets, which is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll set a price and if an advertiser thinks it sounds good he can buy a tweet from you. Then you write something about the sponsor and tweets it along with a link. Full disclosure is mandatory, which means that this actually isn’t as evil as one would perhaps believe. They have in fact managed to ensnare a few “web celebs” such as Chris Pirillo and Loren Feldman for example. Add ex-Playboy bunny (?) Holly Madison and you’ve got a nice mix of mainstream meets geek.

Tweets are sent via OAuth login to Sponsored Tweets. Check it out, but before you do that, tell me this: Would you click a link in an obviously sponsored tweet?


  1. says

    Not only will I… NEVER …click a sponsored link in my Twitter timeline, I will unfollow & block the individual.

    Services like Izea, Twittad, Magpie, etc are nothing more than bandwidth hijacking spam injection systems which do nothing to benefit the Twitter community, and cost users of these services credibility and respect.

  2. says

    I never liked the idea of making money from tweets, but Sponsored tweet is one of few programs which I actually liked…
    Probably control over ad tweets is something which I always wanted..and since its been recommended by some big players..I don’t mind trying it out…


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