Death of URL Shortener Reveals Weakness

trim.pngURL shortener is throwing in the towel, and sends some blame to Twitter since they prefer competitor Fair enough, I’d say, and some players in the URL shortening field is bound to fall off in the coming months. Nambu’s just happen to be vocal about it in a blog post.

And finally, Twitter has all but sapped us of any last energy to double-down and develop further. What is the point? With the Twitter default, and with us having no inside connection to Twitter, will lose over the the long-run no matter how good it may or may not be at this moment, or in the future.

All links will continue to work until December 31, 2009 at the very least, says the manager. It might, however, not be an issue at all since Mashable reports how apparently have offered to take over the reins. Makes sense, why not grow the service with all the links after all?

This is a reminder that shortened URLs might suddenly disappear, or point to some other place altogether. What if were sold to someone dishonest? That would be a lot of links trying to trick you into buying fake Viagra. Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be the case here, but it is worth remembering when shortening URLs in the 140 character conversation.


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    What is all the buzz around short URL services falling and the risk of it on the web? Why should it matter? I mean twitter only keeps records for the past 2 weeks, other than twitter, people shouldn’t use shortened URLs!

    Anyway, it is the first time I hear about, I find the name interesting and simple. Too bad they couldnt compete!

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    Hmm, blaming a service for choosing a competitor as standard doesn’t really seem to show great business sense. Media Player is the Windows standard but iTunes and Real Player make it almost redundant for computer users.

    It’s a shame that is suffering but it may be down to the fact that simply offered a better service or more options? Competing isn’t easy but blaming others isn’t the way to do it.

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    It’s a sad thing to see that is giving up. I used to be a user and quite impressed with their statistics presentations which are quite visually impressive. sure has up the game for url shorteners, but I agree with Danny, there will always be competitions. Why not try some inventive strategies or serve the existing users better? (Or they have?)


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