UK Teenagers Sentenced to 3 Months for Death Threats on Facebook

Keeley Houghton, 18, has been sentenced to 3 months in a young offenders institution after pleading guilty to harassment. Keeley had bullied Emily Moore for 4 years already when she wrote the death threats on her own profile.

Keeley is going to murder the bitch. She is an actress. What a ******* liberty. Emily ****head Moore.

Keeley was also given a restraining order banning her from contacting Emily in any way, already had 2 previous convictions for bullying Emily Moore. In 2005 she assaulted the victim on the way home and was subsequently expelled from school. Two years later, in 2007, she was convicted after she kicked the door at Emily’s parents home in.

According to the Daily Mail Keeley is thought to be the first person in the UK sentenced for cyber-bullying.


  1. Cooki Inglove says

    No chance of rehab for Kelly..She should be sentenced to life without keep her contaminated, defective genes from being unsupervised. Her kind of defect does not even have a chance in a civilized world. Maybe, Somalia, would suit her better. Sorry prognosis for human, defective, genes..not too promising.

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