Simon Cowell advises Alexandra Burke to tone down Twitter use

alexandra-burkeIt’s a bit rich for one-time-dog-outfit-wearing pop mogul Simon Cowell to give advice on portraying yourself to the media, but then again he is the manager of last year’s X Factor winner Alexandra Burke so he has the right to.

It seems that the 21-year-old singer is “addicted” to Twitter (according to a recent interview on UK national radio) and has let slip a few things that perhaps shouldn’t have been made public — things like (gasp) the new album isn’t finished yet.

Burke’s retort is that Simon doesn’t “really get it” (Twitter, that is) — rather like Hugh Laurie.

Perhaps Simon has a fear that one of his pop sensations will appear too real — maybe he’d prefer her Twitter stream to be stage managed and written by someone else. Don’t worry about the fans, they won’t mind…


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